Individual Membership is open to ADR professionals who wish to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to excellence in the field, professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and engage in ongoing professional development, and people with a general interest in ADR.
      To become a member of the SPiDR Panel of Neutrals, applicants must satisfy the following;    
      i. Applicants must have undergone at least 40 hours of supervised and assessed mediation practicum in accordance with SPIDR standards, and demonstrated knowledge and skills as mediator. This may include graded role plays

ii. Completion of 8 fee-paid mediations in the structured setting of an ADR Centre. Such mediations must be independently attested (for example, signed off by an ADR Judge where the ADR Centre is court-connected, or by the competent authority of other registered and SPIDR-approved ADR Centre) with evidence of compliance with SPIDR Practice Direction and Certification Manual PDCM

iii. Produce a log, register or other documentary evidence of 100 hours practice as mediator in their chosen areas of interest, showing details of mediated cases, location, duration and outcome. Copies of evaluation / feedback from Parties will be desirable. 






Corporate Membership is open to all organizations, including business corporations and law firms; professional, industry, and employee groups; municipal bodies and government authorities; and non-profit and other community groups. 

Corporate members have a commitment to demonstrating leadership in the field of ADR and in using ADR as a business tool to prevent and deal with problems, resolve disputes creatively and cost-effectively, and build solid working relationships with business partners and employees.

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